📢Announcement of 7th Batch of Online Classes for "💥 Inspector Posts Exam 2022💥"📢

📢Announcement of 7th Batch of Online Classes for "💥 Inspector Posts Exam 2022💥"📢

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🔴 As you aware that Department of Posts has announced the date of exam of Inspector Posts Exam for vacancy year 2022. The exam may be scheduled on Dec 2022. 

🔴 On the demand of students who did not eligible in earlier exam and not attend any our batch, it is decided to conduct new & Last online batch for upcoming exam. 

🔴 These classes will cover almost all syllabus excluding of 4th Paper. But the Noting and drafting parts is also included in classes 

🔴 Demo Class will be on 04 & 05-09-2022 and the first live class will run from 06-09-2022. Timing will be 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM and 08:00PM -10:00 PM daily 

🔴 Contents of Reading material in English but will be explained in Hindi language and in English if the request of any candidate is received. 

🔴 The batch strength will be only 100 candidates only. 

🔴 The classes will run on our Basic Pay Android app. 

🔴 Batch from first to sixth and recorded batch for IP exam has been running successfully with full strength of 600+ fully satisfied candidates. 

🔴 First come first serve policy will be adopted for registration. 

🔴 The syllabus of Paper-1,2&3 will be completed with in one month. 

🔴 After completion of every topic, the online test series will be provided. There are total 60 tests of each topic and paper wise. 

🔴 The recording of classes will be available on app. You can revise your topic easily with the help of recorded video. 


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eMail – info.nationreader@gmail.com

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